Arthur Maines appears on the Scamapalooza Podcast

Arthur Maines, co-director of Senior Scam Action Associates was recently a guest of Nicholas J. Johnson on the Scamapalooza podcast.  Art answers the question: Why do smart, careful people fall for scams?  How is it that scammers succeed so often in swindling seniors many times stealing their entire retirement savings or personal information.

During the interview, Art spoke extensively about the psychological hooks that scammers use to trick seniors into giving them money or personal information.  Scammers are extremely adept at using emotional levers such as anger or sympathy to perpetuate fraud.  Awareness of these levers can arm our seniors with the tools they need to thwart a scammer from exploiting them in the future.

To listen to Art’s interview on the Scamapalooza podcast, click here.

For more information about how to recognize the emotional levers used by scammers, check out our Scammercast podcast episode where we discuss the most common psychological tricks in the scammers’ arsenal.

As always, please let us hear from you.  What scams have you seen in your communities?  What is the one thing you would like to hear us discuss on the Scammercast podcast or write about here in our blog.  We appreciate every comment and idea.  Help us spread the word to keep our seniors safe from the scammers.




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