Beware These Dangers Lurking On Facebook

Imagine you’re online looking at Facebook and scrolling through your newsfeed there is a fun looking video posted. You click to watch the video and a pop-up alert tells you that you need to update your video player in order to watch it. You click to update your video player. You just unwittingly downloaded a computer virus. This is just one of the many ways criminals are using to steal your information and money.

There are hidden dangers lurking all over the internet and Facebook is no different. You must be aware and cautious in order to avoid the traps the bad guys have set to take what they want from you.

The video player update virus is one of the biggest scams on Facebook. In order to avoid this scam, do not mindlessly click the “update” or “O.K.” button. Do a little research to make sure you legitimately need an update. You can also try clicking different videos and if they play without trouble, avoid the one that says you need an update.

Another Facebook scam to avoid is sites and apps that promise you can change your Facebook layout. They’ll say they let you change the colors or themes on your Facebook page. There is no legitimate way to do this. The apps that say they can are scams to avoid.

Along similar lines as the apps that claim to change your Facebook layouts are ones that tell you that you can see who visits your Facebook page, or see who has deleted you on Facebook. Avoid these scams like the plague, they’ll be stealing your information or giving you malware just like the “Change Your Layout/Background/Colors” scams.

Being alert and cautious will go a long way in helping you avoid scams and fraud. You can keep up to date and protect yourself and your loved ones by subscribing to the Scammercast Podcast on iTunes or here. Like us on Facebook here to keep yourself informed and share your stories and experiences.

Stay safe!


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