Mari Frank on how to Safeguard Your Privacy

2016 is here and privacy concerns have not abated one bit with the turn of the calendar.  Identity theft continues to be a major concern for everyone, data breaches occur almost daily, and people feel like they have no power to keep themselves safe.

Mari Frank tells us that there is hope.  We can keep ourselves and our loved ones, particularly older adults, safe.  Mari is an attorney and privacy consultant.  She has created The Identity Theft Survival Guide and many other helpful resources to assist those who have fallen victim to this crime.  Mari has testified before the US Congress and been invited by the White House to appear in a press conference on Consumer Privacy.  She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and been featured in a myriad of major newspaper and magazine articles.  In short, Mari knows her stuff!

We were so excited to have her appear as a guest on the Scammercast podcast.  Our conversation covered a lot of ground.  Mari shared so many great tips and ideas.  You will want to listen to this episode several times and visit the resources listed on our website.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas about the best ways to prevent identity theft.  How do you safeguard your personal information?  What advice to you give the older adults in your life about how to navigate a new, connected world?

Thanks so much for your support in 2015 and we wish you a safe, happy 2016!


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