Amy Vandevelde from Oasis Connections

A recurring theme we hear when we talk to older adults is how technology is changing so rapidly.  Older adults find it very difficult to keep up with the bewildering array of smartphones, tablets, devices, etc.  Some simply choose to ignore the technology.  Others dive right in and unfortunately become victims of scammers.

On this episode of the Scammercast podcast, we visit with Amy Vandevelde, Program Director of Oasis Connections.  Oasis Connections is a national program administered by The Oasis Institute and sponsored by AT&T and the Consumer Technology Association Foundation.  It is designed to provide comprehensive technology training to adults over 5o years of age.

Amy shares with us more details about the training program and how older adults can keep themselves safe from scammers who lurk on the internet.  The technology is definitely here to stay and will continue to change, but with lifelong learning, older adults can stay safe online.

Please listen to this important episode of the scammercast and share with the important older adults in your life.  The podcast and resources discussed during this episode can be found here:

As always, thank you so much for your support of the Scammercast podcast.  Please let us hear from you!  What are your thoughts, ideas, and observations about how to stay safe from scammers?  Leave us your comments and if you like the podcast, please leave us a review and rating on itunes at   We read each and every one!


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