Chris Hadnagy on Social Engineering

Social Engineering…Phishing…Vishing…SMiShing….  All new terms in our connected world.  They sound a bit sinister, don’t they?  What in the world do they mean?

We are proud to visit with Christopher Hadnagy, founder and CEO of Social-Engineer, LLC, on this episode of the Scammercast podcast.  Chris is recognized as being the first security professional to write a framework outlining and defining the physical and psychological components of social engineering. He trains industry leaders, government officials, and private individuals how to recognize social engineering risks and vulnerabilities and how to mitigate those risks.

Chris tells us that social engineering is, quite simply, the use of psychological manipulation to influence an individual to do something against their best interests.  Psychological manipulation is present in our everyday lives, from influencing our children to behave at the grocery store to influencing customers to buy products.  When that manipulation is used for evil purposes then it crosses the line and becomes social engineering and can have devastating consequences.

Education is the key to recognizing this kind of manipulation and this interview is packed full of great information and tips about how to keep yourself and the older adults in your life safe.

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