Professor Keith Jacks Gamble discusses Scam Susceptibility

We recently interviewed Professor Keith Jacks Gamble on the Scammercast podcast.  Professor Gamble is an Assistant Professor of Finance at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.  His special research interests are in the areas of financial decision making and aging.  He has participated in and published the results of a study examining how the normal aging process affects financial decision making and susceptibility to scams and fraud.

In this episode, Professor Gamble talks extensively about his research projects and findings.  He tells us that cognitive decline (which is part of the normal aging process) and overconfidence are two strong risk factors that lead to an individual being susceptible to scams and fraud.

Our conversation covers a lot of ground from the fear and emotions behind losing control over financial decision making to what role the government and financial services industry should play in addressing the growing problem of senior scams and fraud.

To learn more about Professor Gamble, click here.

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